The Brimfield Area Men’s Club was founded in 1975, as a non-profit organization—for the purpose of contributing to the betterment of the Brimfield Community and area.

Since the formation of the Men’s Club, they have:


~Purchased land for the development of a community park.

~Revived Brimfield Old Settlers Days as a community festival.

~Salvaged and cleaned 40,000 bricks for the use in the Brimfield library.

~Donated money to the new addition to the library.

~Assisted in the formation of the Brimfield Area Health Services—where they built a 3200 sq.ft. medical facility and contributed over 8000 man-hours and materials.

~Established a scholarship fund for two medical doctors.

~Provided Christmas baskets for the needy.

~Sponsored the Christmas walk.

~Organized outings for the Senior Citizens of the area.

~Assisted in the presentation of the 1982 farm progress show.

~Helped organize a fund raising event to create awareness for the BYE ambulance service and its importance to the communities of Brimfield, Elmwood, and Yates City.

~Helped to financially support the Farmer’s Club, which now is home to the Brimfield Area Food Pantry

~Helped with improvements to the Brimfield Community Park.

~Worked with the Brimfield Old Settlers Race to help the people of need in the Brimfield area.

~Helped pay for two new signs on the east and west side of town.

The Men’s Club has donated funds for the following area organizations:


~Brimfield High School - Athletics, Band, and other various departments

~Dream Scholarship Program

~Boy Scouts of America / Cub Scouts / Girl Scouts / 4H Club

~B.Y.E. Ambulance

~Brimfield Library

~Brimfield Historical Society

~Brimfield, Elmwood, and Yates City Fireworks Celebrations

~Brimfield Fire Department

~Brimfield Baseball Organizations

The Brimfield Area Men’s Club is able to help the Brimfield area by the generous support and volunteer efforts from those in Brimfield, area communities, and generous support from local businesses.  The help from the ladies of the area who assist with Old Settlers and many other fund raisers held throughout the year is invaluable. 


The celebration of helping the community we live in through public service is highlighted each year in August with three fun days of family entertainment--OLD SETTLERS DAYS.